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Altern Ther Health Med ; 22 2 : However, it is still not known whether preventive treatment with losartan or enalapril can reduce symptoms of infarction-induced heart failure. Ultra-low dose ULD drug therapy is thought to exert specific activity, with a lower chance of side effects.

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A sham-operated group functioned as a second control group. Morphological parameters were measured after heart isolation in transverse sections by a digital caliper.

RESULTS: A total of 30 d after permanent coronary ligation, both losartan and enalapril, significantly decreased mean arterial blood pressure MABPattenuated the development of the left-ventricular anterior-wall and septum hypertrophy, and reduced scar thickness compared with the vehicle control group.

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The deterioration of cardiac output and the increase in total peripheral resistance TPR due to coronary ligation were significantly inhibited by both losartan and enalapril. The effects of cardosten were comparable with those of losartan and enalapril on cardiac morphology, left ventricular function, and TPR; however, it did not influence MABP.

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Moreover, in contrast to losartan and enalapril, cardosten did not decrease the rate of survival.