International Filmworkshop Budapest – 2009 winter

The International Filmworkshop Budapest 2009 was held with the participation of Polish, Czech, Slovak and Hungarian students independent moviemakers between 2009. november 30-december 6.

The organizor of the Filmworkshop was the House on the Field Non-Profit Cultural Society (Ház a Réten Közhasznú Kultúrális Egyesület). During the transaction we got help from the Aranytíz Culture Centre,  the Budavár Culture House, and the Hungarian Culture Institute. From Poland, from the city of Poznan we hosted an independent movie-maker delegation of Kamereon Media Ltd., students came from Czech Republic, from Brno, Luzanky Leisure Centre – Studio Lavka, and from Slovakia, from Mphilms Civil Association a group of university students were present. Hungary was represented by the vocaional training members of House on the Field Non Profit Association.


Workshop – 30.11.2009 – 6.12.2009 – with 45 participants

Conference in Visegrad – 4.12.2009 – with 40 participants

Screening the films – 5.12.2009 – with 50 participants


 The aim was that young filmmakers coming by different countries make films together. The aim of the workshop was to bring together young filmmakers from visegrad countries in order to get to know each other, make films in coproduction and work alongside the others. This aim we achieved very well. Last but not least we produced 4 short films with the title of  Budapest Anzix or Budapest-Visegrad Road Movie and International Filmworkshop Budapest 2009.

We worked in groups, possibly every nation had to be represented in each group. A theoretical education was held to help the students compliting the tasks, such as lighting and directing knowledge, and camerausing studiopractice.

That is also important for us to shoot as many as possible road movies in these countries and bring them to the Hungarian public. So the Hungarian-youth can get to know the other countries cultural-natural values.

The conference at the end was an important part of the project, where the leaders of the delegations took part. In this conference we got acquainted deeper with with the different forms of our institutions, it’s financing terms, education projects, and the methods of international cooperation.



Poland (Poznan) - Kamereon Media Ltd.,

Czech Republic, (Brno) - Luzanky Leisure Centre – Studio Lavka,

Slovakia (Bratislava) -  Mphilms Civil Association

Hungary (Budapest)  - House on the Field Non Profit Association.

The participants of the Hungarian group were selected from School of Ház a Réten Egyesület in Hungary.

All the partners sent 4-6 youths to Hungary for making new short films.

We believe the workshop-form is a good way to get to know each other lifestyle and culture. This is also a cultural exchange between the 4 country witch could facilitate more activities and product. All the participants felt that we have similar past and present and we have very close situations in the field of culture, financing and plans. We expected strengthened inter-organizational relationships and communication as a result of the project. This should be a good continuation for later co-operative work, exchanging experiences and the establishment of a workshop of young film pros.

We definitely hope that coo production opportunities will open up for us. We would like to bring the Visegrad 4 countries' film culture closer to youth. We also look forward to be got invited to festivals by Visegrad countries. We’d like to make Visegrad 4 idea more popular by the means of film making.


In every year the media is interested in our workshop, specially the finalized films.

The TV channels are looking for the new talented filmmakers, so they come to the workshop for a day and make reports about the work.

The Dominó Tv made reports about the workshop, that will be screened at 22.12.2009.

City Tv – like in last year – will screen the movies at January of 2010.

All of the partners will write article about the workshop and put it in their website (,,,

Between 15.11.-05.12 we advertised the screenings in Budapest in: