International Filmworkshop Budapest – 2010 winter


We organized the International Filmworkshop Budapest 2010 for young independent filmmakers. The participants came from the Visegrad 4 countries: 8 Czech, 3 Slovak, 6 Polish, 27 Hungarians.
We have been maintaining long established partnership with Polish, Slovakian and Czech organizations via festivals, workshops. The topic of the workshop was the „Tradition and modernity in Budapest“.All the necessary equipments (cameras, editing computers, etc) were available. We also had professionals at the workshop, to help the participants work: Matkócsik András, Mester Ákos, Gedeon Tímea, Merza Gábor, Liktor Gergely, Kukovecz Irén, Merza Ábel.
The three groop were: Mirek Obratil (CZ), Severine Pacholczky (SK), Katarina Hlincikova (PL).
The screening of the movies were on the 4th of December.

We achived a strengthened inter-organizational relationships as a result of the project. Our aim was to give the students their first shooting practices. We formed groups from the applicants, and mixed the countries, so they had to use English as a working language. The students had one week to write, shoot and edit a movie. The films have been shown at Aranytíz Culturehouse at the end of the program and also will be at Hungarian film-festivals. During the week we had screenings from our earlier workshops, and we also gave an opportunity to our partners to present their movies.
Every group achieved the task, there were 8 movies made during the week.
We have been cooperating with our three partners for long time, and we expecting to keep this partnership in the future. The target group of this project mainly the Central-European youth population. Our aim beside the practice is to get to know the culture of each other.

The movies were about Budapest, so the foreigners had to learn a bit about our city, and we organised optional programs as well (museum visiting, trip to Szentendre).
All the screening were free and open to the public. We made a DVD from all the movies, and have sent it to our partners . The movies can also be seen on the internet.

Besides the presentation on the last day, the movies will also be screened at Budapest on the Polifilm club, and in many short film festivals, in Hungary and in the Visegrád countries as well.