International Filmworkshop Budapest

date: 2011 december 5 - 11
Place: Hungary, Budapest, Aranytíz Cultural Center
particapants: 6 people from each country

The International Filmworkshop is a one week practice for students, who are learning filmmaking. We invite 6-6 people from the partner
countries (Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary).

The official program is to 6 o'clock each day, after that it's free activity, but of course the shooting/editing can go on as long as necessary. During the week the students have to work in groups, and each group has to make at least one movie about the given topic. The countries will be mixed
in the groups, so the students will have to use English as a working language.

Our goal is to give the students a chance to try their knowledge about filmmaking in practice. We expect short etuds from the groups, where they can experiment with the techique, try out directing methods. During the workshop they can meet professional filmmakers who help the studnets in their work, and they can also watch the best movies from the previous workshops too.

At the end of the workshop we screen the movies that were made during the week. This presentation is open to the public, and according to the previous workhops many people will be intrested in it.