International filmworkshop in Budapest - summer 2012


We arrange an international workshop for young filmmakers between 18-24 June in 2012. The aim of the workshop is to bring together young filmmakers from Visegrad countries in order to get to know each other language, culture and make films in co-production and work alongside the others.
Last but not least we would also like to produce some short films about cultural relics in Budapest.






We are arranging a Central-European workshop for young independent filmmakers. Those invited are coming from our partners who are located in the Visegrad 4 countries. We have been maintaining long established partnership with Polish, Slovakian and Czech organizations via festivals, workshops. We are planning to produce short movies from the idea of to find our common cultural relics in Budapest. All of these partner countries has some cultural or historical relics (monuments, statues) in Budapest. Our goal to find them and find out what they means today for the youth.


This program helps us deepening our interpersonal and inter-organizational relations, in other respects the workshop provides a good opportunity for all of us to make films.



The first activity is the participants make international groups and they go to the city and find interesting relics. They create story about the monument, or place. The following days, we will have camera practise, editing workshop, shooting and editing. One day we visit Visegrad city to remember for signing the contract of V4. We will screen the films in the evening of 23rd of June.



In the evenings as an option we will watch the film-pieces that were made duruing the day. On 22rd night there will be a filmclub held when Hungarian and and other independent films will be shown. According to our plans there will be four 10-minutes long short films produced by the end of the workshop. The films will be shown at the a cultural house the end of the program and also at film-festivals.



Some of the technical equipment and materials needed are provided by our organisation, some of them we have to rent. We expect participants from Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic who will be provided board, lodging and local transport in Budapest.





Luzanky Leisure Centre
Studio Lavka

Mphilms Civil Association

Local Community Center


International Visegrad Fund