CineTrust is a cooperation of 4 non-profit European institution working on the field of filmmaking and theatre: House on the field Cultural Association - Polifilm School from Budapest, Hungary, Luzanky Leisure Centre - Studio Lavka from Brno, Czech Republic, London Borough of Redbridge - Redbridge Drama Centre and the Format SFF Foundation. Three main goals that we want to achieve: First is to give the opportunity for our students to learn from an international teacher-team. Second is to give them the possibility of making films in an international team using English as working language. The third one is about the teacher-team: international know-how changing, learning from best-practises. For professional development we arrange 4 international workshops: one-one take place in each countries. The themes of the workshops are: editing, directing (including: acting and drama, framing, dramaturgy, script writing), camera-using, sound-technique. In parallel with the workshops we arrange conferences for teachers' team about training methods and they write a common article about their experience.

We specifically expect that the project initiate co-production possibilities for the beginner filmmakers. For this purpose students form different countries make 4 films together during the project and later these films take part at the film festivals of the partner countries as well.





Budapest (Hungary) 2012 December 10-14.
Film-workshop in Hungary. The subject of the workshop is camera directing and camera using. One short-film is produced in cooperation with the participants.


Brno (Czech Republic) 2013 March 31 - April 4.
Film-workshop in Brno. The subject of the workshop is sound-technic. One short-film is produced in cooperation with the participants.


Balchik (Bulgaria) 2013 July 1-5.
Film-workshop in Balchik. The subject of the workshop is editing. One short-film is produced in cooperation with the participants.


London (United Kingdom) 2013 July 29th – August 2nd 2013.
Film-workshop in London. The subject of the workshop is film direction, acting and drama. One short-film is produced in cooperation with the participants.

Ház a Réten Kulturális Egyesület (Hungary)
Lužánky - středisko volného času (Czech Republic)
London Borough of Redbridge - Redbridge Drama Centre (United Kingdom)

Ház a Réten Kulturális Egyesület (Hungary) - Polifilm School and Workshop
Our association funded a film school in 1994, called Polifilm School. Since then a very high standard teacher team had been evolved and many students had graduated and find job in the film industry. Even though we would like our students to learn how others work, how they think and learn from their teachers. The Ház a Réten Kulturális Egyesület (House on the field Cultural Association) had applied many international tenders successfully (Equal Project, International Visegrad Fund etc.). We have a 5-years cooperation with Luzanky, Studio Lavka in organizing film festivals with the support of International Visegrad Fund. 
We had different projects (EQUAL, TÁMOP 5.5.4/A) with disadvantaged - handicapped, Roma, unemployed - participants (students). All of them finished the training courses successfully and had become filmmakers.


London Borough of Redbridge - Redbridge Drama Centre (United Kingdom)
Founded in 1973 by Drama Adviser Hugh Lovegrove, Redbridge Drama Centre started life in an unused former Dr Barnardo’s Headquarters in Barkingside, Ilford. In 1975 it moved into its current premises in Churchfields, South Woodford.
In its early days Redbridge Drama Centre was mainly a base for teachers courses, evening workshops with students and working with school groups. In 1978 it began to operate as a fringe theatre venue, early visiting companies included Shared Experience, Women’s Theatre Group and Kaboodle.
During the mid eighties Redbridge Drama Centre began to establish itself as the media centre for Redbridge. Which now boasts a 4 Camera TV Studio and Edit Facilities. In 1995 the centre formed its own resident professional theatre company, Vital Stages Theatre Company. Vital Stage responds to commissions (NSPCC) to create touring shows for schools, other shows for the fringe and work place training packages.
In 1996 the Centre was awarded a lottery grant for capital development, and extended the old building to include a workshop, a small studio and more showers and toilets. The workshop programme was expanded to include infants, lower juniors, upper juniors, young people, youth and adult theatre.
In 2006, after a change of leadership, Redbridge Drama Centre began to position itself as a fringe theatre venue, scheduling more and more performances by professional theatre companies. In 2007 it was awarded a grant by Arts Council England to do just that.
Redbridge Drama Centre has secured an up lift from our previous RFO funding of 27% from Arts Council England for 2012 - 15 and has now become a National Portfolio Organisation.
This revenue funding will allow us to expand our professional theatre programme and develop our resident and associate company schemes as well as more opportunities for young people to watch great new theatre productions, be inspired by excellent artists - create their own work and perform for new audiences.
RDC's Youth Theatre members have intergated film into theatre and theatre into film in past productions and projects. We will focus on film direction, acting and drama through theatre as part of our partnership in this project.



Lužánky - středisko volného času (Czech Republic)
The Luzánky, středisko volného času (Luzanky Leisure Centre) is an educational institution under the Ministry of Education, Czech Republic, which provides leisure educational and training programmes - regular leisure activities, educational and training events, occasional events. These activities supplement school education: future job choices, requalification etc.. These are also some hobby programs in Luzanky.
There are eleven branches of Luzanky around Brno. Nowadays they offer broad range of educational activities in different areas: culture, sports, arts, information and communication technologies, languages etc... Studio Lavka is one of these branches, working with teenagers in the field of music, film, photo and theatre for several years. The working group for this project set together from students of secondary schools from Brno and it´s working together two years. They have experiences in filmmaking but not on international level. Different situation is with teachers and leaders of project.
Luzanky expects from this Leonardo project to create a methodical outline about film education methods in other countries.Luzanky have experiences in European projects like European Voluntary Service programme, ESF project, School education program For your school and Youth programme of the EU. The informations from these programmes could be used in teaching practice in the future. And later we would like to strengthen this network into a wider cooperation network of VET institutions specialised on film-making.



Among the main international events organized by Format SFF Foundation are In The Palace International Short Film Festival and the Filmer Forge Training Program.

Filmer Forge is an initiative we have been developing for 8 years now. While it initiated as a parallel activity to the festival, gradually it grew, and since 2008 we have a separate team focused exclusively at the trainings. Step by step, Filmer Forge turned out to be a successful and strong platform, beneficial to participants from all over Eastern Europe, providing them with targeted professional training.

The Filmer Forge in 2011 comprised the following panels:

Power of Film - 3-day workshop in marketing, promotion and film distribution held by Linda O. Olszevski, Head Acquisition Executive for Oscar Shorts theatrical, iTunes, VOD, TV and airline releases for the Academy Award nominated short films.

Aspects of Success - workshop in film marketing and distribution through alternative/cutting-edge methods held by Oscar-nominated filmmaker, Gregg Helvey.

Workshop in cinematography held by award-winning cinematographer Sandi Sissel, member of ASC, Head of Cinematography department of Tisch School of The Arts. The course focused on advanced techniques and differences between various shooting formats.

Plug In - it was held for three times within the Filmer Forge. The programme is dedicated to the "at the edge" cross-art formats in cinema and focused on the new tendencies in contemporary cinema.