Project Leonardo da Vinci – Cine Trust 2012/13 (short evaluation of each workshop)

1) Budapest (December 2012)

First workshop was considered on getting to know each other, trying to find good topics for movies and to cooperate in teams. The main aim of this project was making movies, so it was necessary to agree on how to make them. Every country had a special method of filming.

Every group consisted of someone from Hungary, Czech Republic, England and Bulgaria. There was always one person who coordinated them – a director. Final movies were products of their collective work with a little help from the leaders.

People got to know and that was a good start for the other workshops. Some of the movies were sent to Czech competitions (for example the Sad Evening got a certificate of merit at a Juniorfilm in Dvůr Králové).

2) Brno (March-April 2013)

A special topic of this workshop was working with a sound. Participants could use every technology that Studio Lávka has. The teams were also mixed. There were the same people as in Budapest, except the Bulgarians. That was a small handicap for them because they did not know the others that well.

Very important thing was trying to eliminate language barriers. There were some excursions and trips around the Brnos highlights.

3) Balchic (June 2013)

The environment was very beautiful. There was a film festival during our visit in Balchic. A special topic of this project was film distribution and presentation of the final works, thanks to the organizing the film festival. Participants joined theoretical and practical editing course.

4) London (July-August 2013)

This workshop was the final one. The program was based on work with screenplay and dramaturgy. Participants already knew each other very well, so we could see the improvement. That is why the results of their work were much more better.

It was very good that there were the same teams every time. It was quite a pity that the Bulgarian changed during the workshops – they just can not enter into partnership with the others that easy. The conditions were not equal at this point. Maybe that is why there were some differences in mobility compared to the other groups.

Project Leonardo da Vinci – Cine Trust was made by four foreign countries. The main benefit was an international cooperation and understanding. Participants of the project could make new friend around the Europe and they are still in contact. Making a short movies was a good opportunity for a team work and making friends.


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