Gergely Liktor: Processing diary

Tempus Foundation Leonardo Partnership Filmmakers From Europe (FIFE) application HU-2009-Leo-PA-6023

I’m Liktor Gergely, a student of Polifilm. I was a participant in the schools’ earlier workshops, and now I took part in organizing the next one. In the following diary you can follow the actual statement of prepeaing the winter workshop.

2009. 08.
Right after the annunciation of the application results, we let our partners know about the succes, and we begin to sketch out the schedule. Firstly, we decided the dates of the three workshops: the earliest will be the one in Budapest, between november 30 and december 6. The next one is going to take place in Finnland, in Outokumpu, from 2010 March 22 to 28, and the third one will be held in Brno from the 19th to 25th of April. We also separated which school will put the stress to which part of the filmmaking. It was obvious, that Studio Lávka must teach the soundrecording and the related works, since they have the studio for it, and this is one of their main profile. We took upon ourselves the lighting- and camerausing education, this way the students can learn from renowned specialists, such as Pálfi Viktor and Matkócsik András. North Karelia College will put the emphasis on the editing, and visual afterworks.

2009. 09.
We have prepeared the Hungarian workshop in this month and the partners organized their travel here. We will host 6-6 people from each country, North Karelia College have already sent us the list of the participants, who will come.We coordinated the programme with the Polifilm organizors, meaning Merza Gábor director, Gedeon Tímea application manager, and Mester Ákos organizer. We have sent the schedule to the partners in a detailed transcription. We also have organized the boarding, and reserved rooms for the education and for the accomodation. We coordinated with the lecturing teachers.We attended in a seminar of Tempus Foundation.

2009. 10.
Our movies from the last workshop with Studio Lávka were presented on the Brno 16 festival, two even made it to the competition, so we sent a delegation (Merza Gábor director and Polifilm students) to Brno for a coordinating meeting. Right after the arrival we met Mirek Obratiland in the following days we talked over all the necessary organizings with the workshops and the programme. We met the students who will surely come, although some places are not decided yet. We started to work out the script for the movie which we will shoot together in december .

The next thing to do is to write the script, and the other shooting tasks.