Summary - English

Filmmakers form Europe, FIFE is a cooperation of three vocational training schools working on the field of filmmaking: House on the field Cultural Association – Polifilm School from Budapest, Hungary, Luzanky Leisure Centre – Studio Lavka from Brno, Czech Republic and North Karelia College Outokumpu, Finland. Three main goals that we want to achieve: First is to give the opportunity for our students to learn from an international teacher-team. Second is to give them the possibility of making films in an international team using English as working language. The third one is about the teacher-team: international know-how changing, learning from best-practises. For professional development we arrange three international workshops: one-one take place in each countries. The themes of the workshops are: editing, directing (including: framing, dramaturgy, script writing), camera-using, sound-technique. In parallel with the workshops we arrange conferences for teachers’ team about training methods and they write a common article about their experience.

We specifically expect that the project initiate co-production possibilities for the beginner filmmakers. For this purpose students form different countries make three films together during the project and later these films take part at the film festivals of the partner countries as well.

The concrete objectives of the cooperation project are:
Giving the opportunity for students from all of the partners schools to learn from an international teacher team on the field of their profession. Giving for students the possibility of making films in an international team and getting intercultural experiences general and special in their profession. During the project every participants, students as well as teachers improve their command of English. This is necessary for their profession while film-making is moving forward to international level. Teachers are extending their knowledge on international know-how changing about film education methods, learning from best-practises, make the vocational training more international.

Subjects and problems:
All three of the partners are approximately in the same situation: having its own stable educational system of filmmakers, having its own training know-how. Two of us (Hungarian and Czech partners) have international contact, mainly taking part in international film festivals, but do not really have specific cooperation experiences. On the other hand the Finnish partner has a strong experience in participating and managing international cooperations. The two Eastern-European schools are working acceptable professional level for years, and now we are looking for some new information to develop into the next stair of our way. It is high time to extend our professional point-of-view and start to build up an international network. The participating of the Finnish partner could strengthen this project giving their experience of planning and managing projects like this.

Approaches - We are planning the following common activities during the project period: Three 7-day workshops with 36 participants per workshops on the fields of editing, dramaturgy, sound-technique and directing.
Pupils make at least 3 films in the co-production system involving all of the partners. We make a DVD documentation about the project with the three films produced on it.
One conference with 16 participants in Budapest for teachers about professional know-how and giving the space to change and learn best practises. In all three of the venues the teachers' team will work on an article about training methods, know-hows and best practices. In the end we will publish this 6-page article about our experiences.
We put this article and the films to our homepages about the project in 4 languages: the three partner-countries and in the chosen working language.